Ode to the Skein Too Beautiful To Use

Ode to the skein too beautiful to use
The one with the gold in the greens and the blues
Its soft gentle fibers tickle my face
I look at the pattern but put it back "just in case!"
In case I find something better! A pattern more fit,
To that heavenly aquatic sunset, also known as 'the shit'.
Yarn wound so straight, hank twisted just-so
That the colors fall inward, they ebb and they flow
From out of the center, and up from the sea
Like an oceanic nebula, spun only for me.
No, this hat pattern just will not do
I'll need to make something special from you.
And so it continues, for those gold, greens and blues,
Enchanting that skein too beautiful to use.

-Meadow Sunshine