Episode 5: Putting Your Foot in a Fish, and other things.

Photo courtesy of the Textile Museum ( Heimilisiðnaðarsafnið) in Blönduós, Iceland.

Photo courtesy of the Textile Museum (Heimilisiðnaðarsafnið) in Blönduós, Iceland.

 This episode, Aja and Meadow talk about their delicious new stash items (I mean REALLY delicious!), and share some historical information and folklore related to knitting traditions in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Gotland.  And there is also something to do with the true meaning of incredibly flippy flops. Plus, a very special new giveaway is announced, so you really don't want to miss this one! (HINT: Check out our Instagram!)

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Show Notes:
Cabled Unisex Fingerless Mittens
Heaven Spun Creations
Spinning Wheel Bike
Wool Soap and Conditioner
Þingborg Wool Center
The Lush Skein
Prince Madoc
Faroese Knitting
Gotland Wool Company
Reykholt Archaeological Site