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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


I have a background in anthropology as well as professional and academic training in archaeology. Also a rather inquisitive crafter, primarily a knitter, I am fascinated by the reflexively influential roles that textiles played in society across space and time. Basically, I love all things old and wooly! My textile experience ranges from designing colorwork, dyeing yarn, felted creations, a bit of weaving and nålbinding, and spinning in the dark by headlamp.  My wine experience is eclectic and mostly includes learning about whatever wine I am enthusiastically consuming in that moment. I absolutely love this little community that we make up. I don't pretend to be an expert in anything, but I do have a deep-seeded predisposition for curiosity. Together, we explore our world and our collective textile history. We've got so much to learn!  So join me in the endless joys and adventure that is fiber art, history and wine.  Where can you find all this? Just follow The Woven Road!


Guest Hosts and Writers:

Aja Ewing

Owner and maker at Outer Pines Co.


Kerry Nelson
Co-Host on the Random Sampling podcast.

Kayla Pratt

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Katya the Border Collie